Berrying shrubs

Shrubs with brilliantly-coloured berries are a real asset to the winter garden. They'll shine from the border when there's little else around, and their generous loads of fruit bring in birds from miles around.

Here are our top five berrying shrubs from the range in our garden centre:

Beauty bush (Callicarpa bodinieri): clusters of downy lilac flowers in mid-summer are followed by dense clusters of jewel-like violet blue berries. Grows to about 2m.

Skimmia japonica: sprays of frothy white flowers in late spring are only followed by 8mm bright red berries if you've got both female and male plants. 50cm x 50cm

Spindle (Euonymus alatus): one of our most spectacular native shrubs, the curious corky winged bark carries reddish-purple four-lobed fruits, opening to reveal brilliant orange seeds. Grows to about 2m.

Viburnum Opulus Compactum:  bunches of bright red berries which last well into winter. 

Callicarpa: berries will go purple in the autumn when the leaves drop.

You could also try  Cotoneaster Microphyllus, Rochford, Pyracantha, Ilex Aquifolium.

Please ask our friendly staff for more information and advice about choosing shrubs which have berries.

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