Our Delivery Service

Free local Delivery when you spend over £40!

At Everton Nurseries we offer a quick free of charge local delivery option if you spend over £40! If you don't quite make it to £40 we'll only charge you £7.50 for local deliveries. Fancy a suite of furniture delivered to you before the weekend sun? From your trustworthy, local Garden Centre? Look no further. We also offer a carry to the car service for when you're wanting to take your goods home with you too. Simply ask at the tills & we'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

We also accept over the phone card payment, so if you do not wish to visit us in the current situation, please give us a call on 01590 642155. Then simply let us know what you want and we will pick your order and get it processed for you - ready for a speedy delivery.


*Please call us for more information on pricing, as we do offer a delivery service outside our local catchment area but a small charge may apply.