Everton Nurseries Returns Policy & Plant Guarantee



Products purchased but no longer required may be returned, in some circumstances, within 2 weeks as long as; the product is in the original packaging, the product and packaging are undamaged, you are able to provide the original receipt.  If you are unable to produce the original receipt no refund will be given, however a credit note will be issued to use against future purchases.

If you receive a product that is faulty, please contact us within 14 days informing us of the problem.  You can return it within 28 days and either have a replacement product or a refund.  Please ensure that you return the item in its original packaging together with the original till receipt.   If the product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly in the first instance, and they will advise on their procedure.

If you have taken delivery of any product, having previously viewed it in our Garden Centre, you may in some circumstances be able to return it so long as it is in its original packaging, undamaged and you can provide the original receipt.  Any request for return/refund must be made within 1 week of taking delivery.  Any refund due may be subject to a 10% restocking fee & collection charge.

Delivery of any product ordered by telephone and not seen in store, may be returned and fully refunded within 14 days of purchase, providing; the product is in the original packaging, the product and its packaging are undamaged and you can provide the original receipt.

In Transit (plant deliveries)

If your plant is damaged in transit, or you believe you have been given an incorrect plant, please notify us immediately. We will then request you send us a photograph of the plant so that we can see the condition on arrival with you.  Provided you have contacted us within 14 days of receiving the damaged or incorrect plant we will arrange for a refund or replacement, at our discretion, once we have received the photographs and determined the cause of the problem.

Guarantee & returns policy

Our plants (hardy shrubs, trees & perennials) are backed by a one year guarantee.  Should they fail within 12 months of purchase, we will refund or replace, at our discretion, so long as you purchased the plant at full price; that the failure is not due to lack of watering or proper horticultural care; that you followed the planting guidelines available on our website; that you can produce proof of purchase by way of the original till receipt; that the failed plant is returned to us, or a photograph sent if this is not practical, in order for us to try and ascertain the cause of failure; that the plant failure is not due to airborne pests and diseases, such as blight, fungal leaf spot or aphids.

Excluded from our guarantee: plants not planted in the ground; plants damaged by mechanical means; abnormal weather conditions or anything beyond our control.

If you have a plant that fails and you have not followed all of the above criteria, we will always take a look at the plant or a photograph. We make no promises about replacement or refund, but will do our best to help you and resolve any problem so it does not re-occur in the future.