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Lets get personal about compost

At Everton Nurseries, we understand that a garden is worth more than the sum of its parts. A garden has a distinct life of its own separate from the many different inputs that make it up. We get all this because we've been gardeners ourselves and we know the kind of hours, effort, and passion that goes into an amazing garden. We also know that gardens are like people-no two are alike. Every garden has its own distinct needs. Every garden has its own special personality. This is why gardening can be so personal. They truly reflect our hopes and personalities as well as distinct views on gardening. With that said, Everton Nurseries also understands that basic inputs count for a lot when it comes to making sure whether a garden will be successful or not.

Compost Christchurch

At Everton Nurseries, we stock only the very best planting materials, seeds, and other items you need to get the basics of your garden well taken care of. This is why we go out of our way to stock the kind of specialty compost Christchurch gardeners have demanded throughout the years. Compost plays a crucial role in whether your garden will live up to its fullest potential, this is why the compost Christchurch and other nearby areas' gardens contain localised features. These small details count for a lot.

Christchurch gardeners love our compost

Visit Everton Nurseries today and make the most of our experience providing the very best planting materials, seeds, equipment, tools and supplies for local gardeners. Your garden's inputs matter tremendously because they lay the foundation for the overall quality of your garden. This attention to detail is reflected in the fact that we stock the quality compost Christchurch seek out and demand. Embrace our experience today so you can plant your dream garden right!