Indoor greenery

Green, leafy houseplants bring the outdoors indoors - and that means healthy living, too. The palms, dracaenas and ferns you'll find in our garden centre are proven to reduce stress, remove pollutants from the air and increase oxygen levels.

Help them carry on the good work by creating the conditions they need to thrive. Most green houseplants prefer somewhere bright but out of direct sunlight, with steady temperatures and humid air.

Avoid putting houseplants by radiators or on windowsills where temperatures fall sharply on frosty nights.

Water sparingly, letting compost dry out between times, and mist leaves (although not all houseplants like to be misted, so always ask us for help) with a hand spray or stand plants in trays of damp gravel to raise humidity.

Add liquid feed every couple of weeks and wipe leaves with cotton wool soaked in tepid water to keep dust from blocking their pores. While you're at it, check for pests: fuzzy white tufts are a sign of mealybug, while red spider mite cause yellow mottling and fine webs.

Please ask our friendly staff for more information and advice about looking after your green houseplants.

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