News item 2

News item 2

June is really a very generous and abundant month, however along with our much-cherished favorites at their best, nature also provides us with the odd unwelcome garden visitor – the weed.

For some, an afternoon weeding and digging will be a lot more satisfying than using a weed killer - but not for everyone!

If you have a serious weed problem then you may need to use both resources, spend as much time as you can now weeding out young weeds before they really get established. Once they are cleared you can spray any larger more difficult weeds such as brambles and seedling trees using a glyphosate based product.

Alternatively you can spray a weed killer to clear the lot but be aware that the strong glyphosate based weedkillers will kill just about any green foliage it touches.

To cut down on general weeding in the future once you have weeded beds and borders lay a weed suppressing membrane which can be purchased at the Garden Centre or apply a thick mulch of bark chippings or gravel this has the added benefit of locking moisture into the soil and can reduce the need for watering.