The countdown to Christmas has begun!

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

The countdown to Christmas has begun! With just a few weeks till the big day it's time to start thinking about that all-important decision: which Christmas tree to buy.

There's a great choice of Christmas trees now in stock in our garden centre, and they're snapped up fast  so get there soon to be sure of a good choice. But don't be tempted to grab the first you find: Christmas trees come in textures and colours from deep green to steely blue and have other qualities to take into consideration too. To help you work out which one to go for, here's our quick guide:

Nordmann fir is the one to choose if you want a tree that holds its needles through the longest festivities. The conical shape and long, glossy foliage makes it a popular choice.

Grand fir is a glossy dark green with lovely long soft needles and a wonderful tangy fragrance: a beautiful, eyecatching choice for larger rooms

Scots pine has a bushy, rounded shape with long twisted needles and a strong pine fragrance to scent your home. It holds onto its needles well.

Noble fir has short, stiff branches ideal for wreaths and garlands. It's also slow to drop its broad silvery-green needles.