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Spruce up your winter heathers

Trim winter-flowering heathers as they finish flowering to prevent the plants becoming straggly. Go over your plants with a pair of garden shears, trimming back to the base of the flower stalks to encourage sideshoots to grow and keep the plants bushy and compact.

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Plant of the Week: Heathers

Plant of the Week: Heathers

Heathers may be modest little plants, but at this time of year they really earn their keep. Carpets of white, pink, red and purple flowers over a background of evergreen foliage are a sight for sore eyes as winter slowly recedes: partner with early bulbs such as snowdrops and crocuses for a positive firework display of colour.

Choose from three main types: Ericas are the classic heather and most need acidic soil (E. carnea is the useful exception). Daboecias have larger flowers and will cope with any conditions. Both bloom from November to March – but there’s another heather, Calluna, which flowers in late summer into autumn.

Getting dahlias through winter

Dahlias are among the loveliest of late-summer bulbs, flowering their socks off for weeks on end (especially if you dead-head them regularly to keep the blooms coming).

You can choose a dahlia to suit your garden whatever your style: spidery cactus varieties like 'Black Narcissus' for a…

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