Sepsis Awareness


This Christmas we are raising funds for The UK Sepsis Trust, and hoping that by doing so we are increasing awareness of this potential killer condition. For every Christmas Tree sold over the festive period we are donating £1, and other activities around the garden centre will also raise funds.

Take a couple of minutes when you visit the centre to read the posters on display and pick up a leaflet, and perhaps you can make a donation yourself.

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Christmas is coming!

Our Christmas display is now open with all sorts of lovely Christmas decorations, lights and artificial Christmas Trees, everything you need to brighten up your home this festive season. Towards the end of November we will have our deliveries of real Christmas Trees, the needlefast  Noble and Nordman Firs, and also the traditional green Norway spruce, available both cut and pot grown.

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Plant of the Week: Poinsettia

Plant of the Week: Poinsettia

Firm favourites on every gardener's Christmas wishlist, the brilliantly showy 'petals' on these exotic-looking house plants are in fact bracts (modified leaves) around much smaller central flowers. As well as traditional red, poinsettias now come in over 150 varieties and colours from creamy buttermilk to magenta pink.

Caring for them is straightforward. Find a bright spot out of direct sunlight, and keep them warm - at least 13°C day and night. Water only once the surface of the compost begins to dry out, and sit the plant on a tray of damp gravel to keep humidity high and help those fabulous bracts last even longer. 

Warm your soil

Cover empty veg beds with clear polythene to warm the soil, keep the worst of the winter rain off and deflect some of the frost. That means the soil stays crumbly and workable the moment you need it

Making paving special

When you're planning the hard landscaping in your garden, don't be afraid to get imaginative. You don't have to stick to just one material, and you don't have to use stone or brick: there are dozens of ways to make your paving unique to you, and yourEverton garden will be far more persona…

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