Social Distancing Guidelines

We are absolutely delighted to be able to say that the Garden Centre is now open & Camellias Restaurant is now open too!

We are open 7 days a week.
The Garden Centre is open Monday-Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm. Sunday
Camellias Restaurant is open Monday-Saturday 9.00am - 4.30pm. Sunday 9.30 - 3.45pm.

Social distancing measures are in place and would ask you to please adhere to these for both yours and our staff’s safety.

We are allowing 75 customers in at any one time. We are now allowing dogs back into the Garden Centre however not into Camellias Restaurant (except assistance dogs) and would ask that any children remain under strict parental supervision at all times.

There is a queuing system in place (the same as at supermarkets), so you may have to be patient.

We would ask, that you come in, purchase the items you require and restrict the browsing time we know you enjoy to allow others to come into the centre without having to queue for a long time.

Many of you like to come in and ask advice about which plant to put where, or in what soil and so on. Under normal circumstances our plants team are always happy to spend time with you to talk through your planting requirements.  Please appreciate at least for now, this may not be possible to the extent it was before.

In store you will now see screens at the tills, markings on the floor indicating where you should queue and where to put your trolley for processing. Public areas have been cleaned, as have the trolley handles, chip & pin machines and areas around the till. These areas are now being cleaned regularly to minimise any risks. There is also a sanitiser station at the entrance to the centre.

It is now the law in England for customers to wear a face covering while in shops, unless you fall into a specific category of people who are exempt from this. Please remember to bring your face covering with you when you come to visit us. We will not be permitting entry to anyone without a mask who doesn't fall into the exempt category. We suggest purchasing a hidden disability ID here: They are now becoming more recognised in shops such as Tesco.

Camellias Restaurant is NOW OPEN!

Like the Garden Centre, how we operate has had to change.

Strict social distancing measures are in place.

Once you are in the building you will see that you now have to queue in a designated area for the restaurant. This is clearly marked. 

There is a one-way system in place. Entrance via the usual way into the Restaurant and the exit via the Courtyard area.

Screens have been erected along the counter. There will no longer be self-service.

All tables have been distanced well apart from each other and will be cleaned between each use.

There are disposable menus as you reach the queuing area, please take one and choose your options before you reach the till. You can then order & pay (using contactless card where possible). Once you have taken your seat, if you are inside your order will be brought to you, if you are in the Courtyard area there will be a paging & collect system.

Lunch booking are preferred – telephone 01590 642155 ext. 222 to book.

Public areas have all been cleaned as have the chip & pin machine at the till. You will find hand sanitiser at the entrance and the exit of the restaurant.


Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines and we look forward to welcoming you back and together we hope that we can make the best of this difficult time.